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Blogs Mistake 'Rxcall' Actress for Teacher Accused of Having Inappropriate Relations with Student

TheRecentTimes, OLASMediaTV and several other online blog sites have published photos of a Rxcall actress in its reports of a Florida high school substitute teacher that was arrested after an alleged video of her being intimate with a student was shared on Snapchat.

On December 10, Ayanna Davis, a substitute teacher at Lakeland High School in Polk County, FL, was arrested after a student at the school reported the video to school resource officers.

Ayanna M. Davis, who will be making her on-screen debut in the psychological thriller Rxcall, is also a children’s book illustrator and an advocate for autism awareness.

The film’s writer and director immediately took to his social media accounts to try to clear up the mix-up. On his Facebook and Instagram pages, Micah Overby posted a still photo of a scene from the movie with the actress in it and wrote: “It has been brought to the attention of the Platfrm Films staff that several news outlets are reporting that a Florida substitute teacher by the name of Ayanna Davis has been arrested after having an alleged sexual encounter with a student. This is disheartening not just because of the nature of the alleged actions but also because some of the media outlets that have reported this story have erroneously used the photos of a cast member in Rxcall who shares the same name. We want to take this time to assure all of our fans and investors that the Ayanna Davis from our film is not the same person that is being accused of committing that heinous crime.”

Some of the blog sites have since removed the actress' photos.

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